Using iPhone in Hong Kong

It is also fun to see what cellphones are used in different countries. As my plane taxi into the Hong Kong airport, I looked over across the aisle and the occupant pulls out an iPhone, switched it on and proceed to check the weather. I had to ask -- Your iPhone works in Hong Kong? He replied "sure, just get it unlocked". He is not even a techie. While we are waiting to get off the plane, he further commented -- it's the same price here and in the States, buy one here, or get one unlocked at MongKok for USD 700-800, it will only take a few minutes, he said. That's about USD 100. The iPhone is a quad band phone for a reason!


As I was leaving one of my favorite hotels in Singapore, I saw some kid of VIP reception at the entrance. All the staff were lining up (queuing up) outside. This lady got out of a mercedes. They proceeded to introduce everyone, handed her flowers, and more introduction. Being Singapore, it was English, Cantonese, Mandarin switching back and forth. The guest seems almost too gracous to be a movie star or something. After they went inside I asked the valet guy. She is the event planning from a major brokerage houses in Singapore. She could bring them a lot of business. Lesson learn, event planner could be a glamorous job!

Oyster Omlette

Singapore --
If you can find one of these real eating places near the Chinatown area for real people, you can sample more fresh sugar cane juice and also the famous oyster omlette. It is made with baby oysters that are very flavorful.

That is fresh durian meat packaged at the back of the red hairy fruit, by the way!