Items for Sale

Unfortunately we are leaving Shanghai. Instead of shipping these things, we are selling everything. From beddings to electronics to face masks. Pickup at Pudong Yanlord Gardens.

Please use the contact form (click here) to send me your contact information to arrange pickup. Thanks!

Two complete sets of twin bedding

  • IKEA MMIE RUTA, Twin quilt cover and pillowcase in Pink and White and in Brown and white ¥ 179.00 new, for sale for ¥ 100 each set. Used less then two weeks. See IKEA product link here.
  • IKEA 365+ MYSA Quilt, warmth rate 4, ¥ 299.00 new. For sale ¥ 150 each, include pillow for free. See IKEA product link here.

Pink set

Fluffy pillow


Brown set

HiVi M100MKII Bluetooth Enabled Amplified Speakers ¥600

HiVi, also known as Swan, is an internationally recongnized high quality speaker maker. This speaker set is not too big, but sounds great and has bluetooth built in. I used them in my bedroom and stream music to it from my iPhone. You can also use them in your home office and steam music directly and digitally from your computer via bluetooth. RMB 980 New.

Bluetooth amplified speakers

Beautiful real wood and laquer finish

controls and inputs

HiVi M200 MKIII Amplified Audiophile Speakers ¥1200

HiVI, or Swan, is a highly respected speaker company. This particular pair, the MKIII special edition speakers, are highly rated by US audiophiles. You can read a professional review here. These are not your cheap logitech multimedia speakers. You can connect your TV, iPhone or other sources to it to get amazing sound. These sell for RMB 1785 new. I am going to miss these!


  • 5.25 inch Mid/Low Main Speaker unit
  • 25mm Tweeter
  • freq range: 53Hz-20kHz
  • power:10W-80W

Beautiful finish

My livingroom setup

Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard ¥300

In like new condition. Selling for ¥300. (Its ¥488 if you buy it from Apple Shanghai).

3M Adult and Child Masks ¥100

I have new 9 adults and 24 child 3M masks that I brought from Amazon US. These are the best masks I can find.

  • 9 Adult version 3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator with Valve - Amazon Product Link. New is US$16 / 10. Selling for  ¥60
  • 24 Child version 3M 1860S Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask, Small - Amazon Product Link. New is US$15/20, selling for ¥60
  • Or take all for  ¥100 !

Face masks for the Shanghai air

Child sized Masks

Adult Masks with air vent

Apple TV ¥300

Do you want to watch American Movies on the big screen TV? Orange is the new black? We get all our US entertainment with our apple TV. 

Note: You will need existing Hulu, Netflix accounts etc based in the US, plus a working wireless VPN router to make this work. 

This is the Apple TV

Model Number etc on About Sceen

Muji Brown Umbrella ¥60

Like this one but in brown. ¥148 new. Selling for ¥60



Philips Hair Dryer ¥100

1600W, two speed hair dryer. ¥ 100

1600W hair dryer