IKEA Galant Desk Assembly

If you have to remember one thing, it is "attach the legs to the frame first". These desks are great. We used them in the office. They keep innovating with the product line. For 2011, they have added a new cable tray and a divider that makes them perfect for office setup, instead of just "home" office setup. The dividers are not cheap, but compare to something from steelcase, they are still a steal.

Some tips that are not obvious if you are shopping for the Galant desks:

  1. The T legs are the best because they fit inside the foot print of the desk. If you plan on grouping the desks together they will not get into each other's way. Otherwise depending on how high you have the desk height set, the legs may stick out.
  2. The T legs unfortunately only comes in grey. I wish they make a shiny steel option.
  3. The legs are sold in single pack. So you need to buy two legs for one desk (normally).
  4. A nice touch -- the legs come with a little glue on holder for the leg height adjustment hex key.
  5. Tip: The big hex key for the leg screw for attaching the leg to the frame is part of the frame's supply.
  6. Make sure the frame is the right side up when attaching the legs. See photo
  7. It is hard to attach the legs by yourself. I balance the frame on (what else) an existing Galant desk. See photo.

The Galant series is a great line of work desk. Enjoy yours and hope that our tips here help you put yours together.