ISDN Live Rep!! Two weeks

ISDN Live Rep!!

Two weeks later. What's the change the Verizon biz office not forwarding my ISDN order inquiry to the ISDN office? 100%. Called customer service from verizon website: 1-800-870-9999. Talked to a real person. Gave me another number: 1-800-438-4736 (GET-ISDN).

Another real person answered. We are on a roll? Placed a new order, got a confirmation number. But she did not ask me what type of service I wanted. To be thorough, I told her I needed the Massachusetts Flat Rate plan. "We don't have that!! You need a business ISDN line. Let me transfer you....."

Business ISDN department answered. A person who sounded half intelligent. Placed an order. Even told me about the equipment requirement for the flat rate: need to support D+V on one channel, D only on the other. Time to check with 3Com. And the cheap flat rate requires a two year contract, with a 12 month cancellation panelty.

Back on track? We shall see.