Watching this movie in

Watching this movie in Cambridge is its own entertainment. Lots of net people in the theatre. Someone is always explaining something to their companions. Who are Kleiner Perkins. Whats with the Nerf Gun. If you have lived through any of the Internet start up experience you should go see this movie. You will find out that you are not alone.

Having said that, the movie actually failed to give enough background on the characters and the company. If you don't understand the start-up process you will be lost. I still don't know what the main players do at that company. It is hard to care about these people since I know practically nothing about them.

Of course it is hard to squeeze all the information and the entire life cycle of a start up down into 2 hours. Perhaps they should do a split screen presentation, a la Prospero's Books.

Bottom line -- go see it. Bring someone to explain the jargons.