Happy Birthday (JST)

My first birthday greetings arrived 9 hours ago, which is 6:40pm JST the day before. Being here I guess I can celebrate all the way across the time zones. (Okay, technically that is not true. But I am excluding the ones that are obviously early BDay greetings ). I am trying to think of something deep to say but I think I am fresh out of deep thoughts. Must be a mid life crissis -- not. A birthday week thought from GWW, with full hand guestures: Here, is your goal. Here, is where you are. You always use logic to go from here, to here, with a short cut. This time, you have to take the long route. But you have to reach your goal by the time you leave. Everyday that goes pass from the date of this GWW, it holds more and more truth.

Beginning of a new Day in Shibuya

Watching this city coming into the daylight is an interesting experience. It really does not stop. Party people changes mode from night to day as the sun rises and the cycle continues.