2001 Year in Review

2001 is a year of both being global and of returning home. I began year 2001, the real new millenium, in Hong Kong, and ended 2001, also in Hong Kong. It was my returning to my birth city, Hong Kong, after many years. In fact, that was the first time after the SAR became the SAR in 97. Same year brought me back to London. I had only been back once before, many years ago, after leaving my English boarding school and college days. I was amazed that I felt right back at home in London after the long absence. I travelled around the globe a few times this year, partly because it is cheaper to fly that way when visiting both of our offices. My passport now have stamps from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Berlin, Caymen Islands, and London. The misses are I did not go to Finland nor Korea. First real vacation in CI. First time out of Tokyo city after all these years.

Of course, there is 9/11. I was scheduled to fly from Frankfurt to Boston that day. I changed my plans and was home 3 days earlier. I watched it live on TV from home. That day was spent answering a few emails and phone calls from friends and family who are concern of my whereabouts, trying reach friends in New York city, and had a long dim sum lunch with a few friends from work. On a personal side, my grandmother died this year, but I was fortunate enough to have just visited her in Hong Kong just before 2001 new year. I was also able to visit her grave soon after her death as I was returning to Hong Kong at that time.

I started on a few new technologies this year. installed wireless network at home, started using PGP (my PGP key) for encrypted emails, changed to a GSM worldp hone so that I can use the same phone in Hong Kong, United States, and Germany, and upgraded most of my computers to run Windows 2000.

What is installed for 2002? Stay tuned:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.

-- Goethe