Unit on Market January for Y49,000.Gone off market. Relisted in July for X49,000, where X=Y-1 My offer: X10 Buyer B offer: similiar, probably X415 Seller counter both: X44 I counter offer X40 Buyer B offer: above X49 Buyer B got the unit. Fair enough.

This unit was very close to idea, with one big exception -- although it is a loft, the layout is such that there is not an open area that is large enough for comfortable tai chi practise, because there is a post and brace, and a very nice and large kitchen island that is in the way. Ideally there should be an empty rectangle that is 20 x 15 or so. So, keep looking! And we are coming to the slowest time in the real estate market, end of Aug, where all good brokers take vacations with all the big commissions that they earned.