Field Verified

Yesterday was the most fun day of this loft hunting saga to date. Selina and Steward, the architects, came and visited the site, field verified all the measurements, and we spent a lot of time discussing the design. They came up with some very clever designs. That's why calling in the professionals are better! Some very small changes on the interior space results in some great improvement over the original intended space planning I think. After thinking about the various proposed design in my head all day and night, I think I am coming up with a theme for the project as well. More details to follow. I also got one of the big questions answered finally regarding this process. I keep hearing from the developer that they have to finish the interior to original specification before deliverying the unit to me. i.e. they cannot left the interior unfinished, in case we have to tear down everything to start over if we are going to use our own contractors. They used to say that the reason is the need to obtain a OC (occupancy certificate), which is not true. Finally we got the reasoning today. Because they borrowed money from the bank, they cannot close their own mortgage if the building did not have the right amount of interior work done, i.e. the units have to be worth what their development loan covers.