Hero -- not a preview

Hero the movie will be out soon, although no one in the States seems to know when. They released it for just one week in China just to get it qualified for something (but not Oscar?), but it is still not in general release even in Asia. One thing that I heard is that Miramax is trying to delay the U.S. launch so that it won't compete with other films during the Christmas seasons, but China may be giving them some pressure to show it at least once so that it can be qualified for 2002 Oscars. The trailer looks beautiful. I think it is going to be a great movie.... BUT, Isn't hard to be the movie that follows Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ? Of course Zhang Yi Mou is a world class director. In fact I loved most of his movies. However I cannot help but think of Crouching Tiger, Ang Lee, Zhang ziyi. The fact that Actress Zhang ziyi is in both films, Music is both by Tan Dun, CTHD has Yo Yo Ma, Hero has Itzhak Perlman, Christopher Doyle is doing the camera for both, etc. This is like a sequel for the genre by a different director.

Still, I am sure this is going to be a great all round product. The Martial Arts will be better since we have Donnie Yen (son my of sifu) and Jet Li. The title song will be by Faye Wong, one of my favorite singer, only if they will release it soon, or I have to go find it in Asia. Very much like that year when I went to Singapore to catch CTHD on its last day there, but months before the released it in the States.