Meeting the Developer

The developer said "we are really closed on the pricing".... I think my offer is it ! He wants to setup a in person meeting (instead of going through the seller and the buyer brokers) to discuss it. Part of the question is what exactly do I don't want him to do if I just wanted the unit in shell state. That should save him some money. So let's meet tomorrow and see what happens. Meanwhile a few other interesting units came on the market today as well. Funny thing is that the prices are all over the place, i.e. varied too much. The market seems like is still not rational. A side note -- Since I have basically commited to using MovableType, a great product, I just made it official. Donated my $45 and now I am on their donor list and also are pinging them with my updates, so this site will be on their "recently updated" list. Hello traffic.... (yeah right).