Met the developer, and a new unit

Today I met with the Loft's developer. Nice guy. Found out that right now he is going through the process of buying (financing) the building himself. And the seller has some other issues, so there is a chain of events going to happen. The bad news is then he probably prefer to close the deal later than earlier. He has to have bought the place first ! The good news is that he is reaonable about what I wanted to do with the place and what I do not want him to do. Sounds good, except he still think the unit is worth more. Meanwhile my broker have said to me so many times that she think the location is not good enough, because downtown Boston is currently not a residential area at all, which is very true. That to me is secondary, but the price is a big problem. We have to sleep on it some more.

Meanwhile, there is another loft unit in a building that I like very much in a good location. The only problem is that the unit is rather plain. A big box that has not character -- which means I should spend some money to change it around if I were to really enjoy that place. Nevertheless, I made a aggressive offer to the seller. The unit has been on the market for a long time. If they needed to sell quickly, and since I am ready to buy it immediately, it may help seal the deal. Let's see what happens tomorrow !