P&S, still? and New Design

My attorney faxed over her rider to the P&S yesterday. She called the seller's attorney this morning. He claimed that he did not get the fax, and thought the P&S was signed? SIGNED? Today he is busy, so he will get back to us and had not by end of day. Linda my attorney said he must be a pretty laid back attorney... On a much much brighter note, Selina sent me her new design for the loft. It looks great. Of course we still have lots of work to do, but it is a really good start. I am excited again. I just need to decide whether to move in first, live for a little in the space, then move out and have the work done, or get it done first thing. I think trying the place out for a month or two is a better way.

Then, the final surprise of the day is that the decorator finished decorating the house. She did a much better job. More accurately speaking, last time I thought she was almost done, and it did not look right. Turned out she did a lot more work today and the place is looking really good now. Not quite my original style, but looking real good.