The table has turned. The focus has changed. Now it is time for me to be on the selling side and get ready to put my own house up for sale. I have two things in my favor. My realtor, Helen, is quite excited about selling the house. She always liked the house and I think she takes personal pride in selling it quickly and at a good price. Afterall, she helped me buy this place in just 24 hours. That was a different and interesting story, for another time. The second thing in my favor is that I am really ready to sell the house. Ready not like people say, a motivated seller, meaning they are despirate to sell to get the money, or have to move, or some reason that they must sell. I am ready in the sense that while I love the house still, I can now detach from it and view this as a pure business transaction. I won't be insulted when Helen wants to bring in an interior decorator to move some furniture around to make the house look nicer. I won't be emotion when trying to set a price.