Exciting Day, but where is my toothbrush?

Today the house went on the Market. You can find it on MLS. My broker hosted a broker open house at noon. She said all the brokers, even from neighboring towns showed up. Immediately there are two showings already. More scheduled for tomorrow and Sat. So things are moving. I also signed my P&S today. Wrote that big deposit check. What a feeling handing that check over to someone else !

And, my moving sale is going well. Sold a lot of items last night and today. Throughout the furniture sale process, I met many nice people in this area. Makes me wonder if the urban folks are going to be as nice as the suburban people?

Finally, remember I said my broker is turning my house into a show piece? She has been cleaning up and clearing things away for me all the time. Empty kitchen counter is one thing. But tonight just want I was ready to go brush my teeth before bed time, I can't find my toothbrush, and other personal items in my bathroom. I hope this house sell soon, I can't go on too long without brushing my teeth and taking showers and eating at home....