Blogging from the Loft, really

This blog entry marks the first actual blog entry made from the Loft. Via a RCN MegaModem line last clocked at 1.9Mb download. Finally !! (Update -- Now I am clocking 3Mbit download, 597Mbit upload !! yippy). Or use this test to see how fast is your own connection. * Update: Verizon -- so typical of them, took down the speedtest service above. Now it is limited to verizon customer only. Not to worry. DSL Report site has a much better speed test tool anyway. Go there instead.

One kudos to RCN. I signed up for service on Thursday. They originally can only schedule the install for Friday week after. I asked the rep to see what he can do, and he called me back the next day and scheduled this Sat morning appointment for me. The install guy was very professional. Hooked me up with voice, cable and data. Left me enough spare coax for all my outlets. So far impressive, almost as impressive as the new found broadband at home feeling.

On a different note, somehow I have decided to clean up the loft all my myself before moving in for real. Washing the insides of the refrigerator, wiping down kitchen shelves, cleaning the floors, wiping down the closets, bathroom, what fun, not !