Hero Intro and Ending Text English Translation

Hero the movie -- for those who watched the subtitled DVD and are wondering what the chinese text at the beginning and at the ending of the movie say, here is my translation of them: The beginning text:

About two thousand years ago, it is a period of internal wars in China. There were seven kingdoms within China, fighting for dominance. Years of war, the people suffered most. Amongst the seven kingdoms, the Qin kingdom was the strongest. The Qin king is wining the battles, planning to take over the other six kingdom, to unite the empire. Hence, he is the biggest enemy of the other six kingdoms.

Thoughout the years, in Chinese history, there are plenty of stories of assassins and assasination of the king...

Text at the end: King Qin gave orders to give Nameless a grand funeral. In memory of his three friends who gave up their lives, Sky never fights again.

AD 221, King Qin united the Chinese kingdom. Ended the wars, built the great wall of China, protect his citizen. He became the first emperor of China, of the Qin dynasty.

(Note -- Sky is the assassin that uses the spear, played by Donnie Yen, and Nameless is the assassin played by Jet Li (re)telling the stories).