SARS and Saddam

As an Asian-Amerian, I see two threats to my well being right now. I cannot help but compare and contrast these two:

Name SARS Saddam
aka Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Saddam Hussein al Majd al Takriti
Size a few microns, i.e. really really small 5 foot something
Known Clones billions 2-3? Unknown
incubation Period ~2-10 days ~2-10 years
Known Deaths caused:
unknown/122 (U.S. & Coalition)
CNN Coverage per day average ~1 hours ~10 hour
Chances of harm to myself personally Possible Unlikely
U.S. Cost of fighting ?? 70+ billion
Potential Medical benefits in the "war" Improve virus indentification process, improve global disease control cordination unknown
Consumer Sales Benefits 3M Face Mask type N95 None
Defense Sales Benefits None guided missiles, F22, F23 fighters,

Disclaimer: Data gathered from different sources on the web. Not responsible for accuracy.