Smoke Alarm Certificate

Now I am down to the few final things to get the house sold. I need to get a certificate from the local fire department to say that I have working smoke detection system. Since I have a security system with wired (AC) smoke detectors all over the house, how difficult could that be, right? My broker setup the certification visit, and would have dealt with the whole thing for me, except -- First visit from the fire department -- they fail the test because they couldn't reset the detectors after testing them. One paid visit from the alarm company later discovered that one of the key on the control keypad was a little sticky, so they were having problems with it.

Second visit from the fire deparment -- they fail the test because the siren is not loud enough in the basement ! There is only one (very loud I thought) siren in the house. I guess they think that it was not loud enough to be heard if you are down in the basement.

So alarm company will come back to install an extra siren. Another visit from the fire department scheduled. At the end this will cost $$$. Oh well, hold on that iPod purchase.