So Long, Dear Farm

4pm on a Tuesday after the long weekend. Finished the last load of laundry. Packed up the bicycle. Emptied the rest of the fridge. Drinking mineral water from the big bottle. Turn off the sound system. Back the Audi out of the garage. I did not think I can be as attached to a house as this one. But I guess this is the first of hopefully a series of homes that are special, as I know the loft will be.

That's it for the Farm. I hope the new owners look after the house, and the grounds and plants and have as much fun living there as I did.

Moving is definitely stressful. Moving into a smaller place makes it even more difficult. I kept perhaps 20% of the furniture, and probably another 30% of the "stuff". I have to thank all the friends and family who helped out -- so much easier with help !