Wet Umbrella

May seems strange to you, but when I walked into the loft this afternoon, I was lost for a second, as to where to put my wet umbrella. City Living. I don't remember the last time I had to do this. Used to be : click the garage door opener, drive in, leave the wet umbrella in the car and walk inside. This is the second weekend in the city. Lousy N.E. weather means both weekends are rainy. It is still nice to be able to walk around. Drinking cappuchino in a local cafe, people watching, found a dry cleaner and a video store, and even the nearest starbucks.

A side note on moving and mortgages. The mortgage company on the previous house happily auto debited my bank account for another loan payment after the loan was paid off. Just called them and they will return my money, also with the reminding of the escrow balance, next week. Are they going to pay me interest of that money? I doubt it.