t-mobile customer service

The Sony Ericsson T610 phone is now available at t-mobile. I went into a t-mobile store and they told me I can upgrade to it for only $250 since I am an existing customer. But they said it is easier to call customer service to get the phone sent to me. So I called. First rep said the phone is not available and he has never heard of it. First rule of customer service -- your reps should know and be interested in the market place. Anyone who watches the cell market would know about the T610. I asked to speak to someone else, and the usual long hold for the manager followed by a hang up occurred. I called back, got a different rep, which was nicer and explained that the phone is a few days new at t-mobile and it has not worked through the channels to make it available via customer service yet. She told me to try the stores. This is in direct contradiction to what the guy at the store said. At least she is nice about it.