Twilight Zone

I am sitting on an American Airline 777 on the way to Frankfurt. Looking at the movie list in business class. Nothing good to watch during dinner. Unusual. I flip through the channels anyway and noticed the movie Italian Job. I always wanted to see it. That was not on the list of movies in the program guide. Who cares. I started watching it. A fun clean movie. I recommend it.

After the meal the guy sitting next to me asked me how to turn to that movie. I thought he does not know how to use the system. I showed him. But on his screen he gets the movie listed in the guide. Strange. We realized that on my seat I have a completely different set of movies from everyone else.

I am not complaining. But he alerted the onboard staff. After the movie the staff came over and try to troubleshoot the issue. They insisted that there is only one tape for the entire plane and for that channel it is for a different movie. How can my seat gets something else? Twilight Zone moment....