I bought a washer and dryer this week. Originally I was waiting to finish rennovating the loft and then get a pair of machines that fit perfectly into the new space. However our rennovation plan is going to be delayed, and I am getting tired of coins managemnt. Our building has common room washers and dryers, but they are coin operated. They should do smart cards !! Anyway went to Sears and bought a stackable pair of machines over the weekend. What a surprise... Have not lived in a building for awhile, I did not realized that almost all condo type buildings cannot provide in unit venting for dryers. It is a building code restriction. Lint filled dryer venting is a fire hazzard. So I need ventless dryers.

From the Sears sales person recommendation, I just went to Home Depot and bought a lint trap kit. It is a $10 plastic tray that you put some water in, and pipe the vent into this little box. It probably requires cleaning and refilling and emptying. Not very user friendly.

I think found out there are truly ventless/condensation dryers out there, made by Asko,Bosch, etc that are very expensive but are designed for apartment living.