Cellphones with Strange keypads

I used to think that all the new cellphones with non standard keypads are stupid. Are all the phone users very familier with the standard 3x3 numeric keypads and would be screaming trying to use the non square or other variation of keypads from the likes of Nokia and Sony? I changed my mind. Looking at the new Siemens SX1, or the Sony S700, or the Nokia 7210, they all do not have a "usable" keypad. Nowever how often do I myself use the numeric keypad? Not very often.

For answering key, hit a function/menu button. For calling out, either use voice dial or the recently called list. On my Sony Ericsson Z600 or my T610, the recently called list is one menu click away.

So the conclusion is -- get rid of the keypad to make room for the screen is a great idea. The S700 maybe a winner. Which means I have to upgrade my phone, again!