Organizer Software

With my new Sony Clie TH55 PDA, I need to re-open the issue of finding a good piece of organizer software for the desktop and the palmtop. The top choices are Life Balance and ShadowPlan. Unfortunately neither are perfect. I have been playing with Life Balance desktop for awhile. Their desktop software is much better than the desktop version of ShadowPlan.

Currently I am focusing on making Shadow Plan work. Here are my work in progress:

  1. I have to decide to whether to link or not to link items in the SP (ShadowPlan) files to the native ToDo's, DateBook, etc in the Clie. Problem is that SP does not have a good calendar view of items. So I am now optionally linking items to the Sony Organizer DateBook application when I want something to show up on the Date Book view. I am not sure this is workable yet. Strangely SP offers a default automatic linking to the ToDo app, but not to the DateBook app. I guess because the ToDo app does not have a time portion for the target date, just like SP. Where as DateBook have time part.