This is a surprised find on Netflix. You should put this on the must view list for any maturing teenager. I won't give the entire movie away, but the following quote from the movie is one of the best momemts from the movie.

Jean Smart plays the mother of Harper, who started a relationship with Connie a much older man:

mother to Connie: For starters, I don't really think that your young girl predilection has much to do... with their firm, young flesh.

I mean, when someone like you is out with someone like Harper; you must invite all kinds of comparison and ridicule, which can't be much fun... for either of you.

Right, honey? (look towards daughter)

So then, what is... a man of, uh, your age.. doing with my 21 year old daughter?

It'd be easy enough to say you're afraid of mature women, but that's so glib.

Afraid of what, exactly? So I kept thinking.

And then it hit me.

I know exactly what she has that I haven't got.


That's it, isn't it? I mean, no real woman -- no woman of experience would ever stand in front of you with awe in her eyes....

and say, "Wow, Look at that man, Look at that bohemian wedding photographer... with holes in his jeans. Gosh, isn't he something?"


I mean, it takes a naive girl for that. It takes Harper for that.

(long pause, comment matter-of-fact like) So what do you think? Am I right?

Connie: You're are some woman, Deborah. Mother: Mrs. Sloane, I'm Mrs. Sloane.