I finally is switching over to Firefox as my main browser. I find that it works better then Opera on some pages. It is also highly customizable. With some customization, I get the best of Opera plus the compatibility of Firefox. For examples:

  • I can finally open up a new tab (I prefer tab browsing) and have the home page loaded automatically. My homepage is my bookmark page. So that makes it easy to go places.
  • I now have the easy option of openning up a new window or a new tab.
  • I can use the middle button to open a link in a new tab.

Don't forget to installs some extensions to get all the extra features. Currently I am using:

  • ForecastFox -- international weather
  • status bar Clock -- show date/time in browser, so that I don't have to drop my mouse down to the auto-hidden windows start bar to see the clock, and mouse over to see the date. Note: There seems to be a problem with the installation source where the file is incorrectly marked for version 0.10 instead of 1.0+. You can work around it by changing the app version or find a repackaged version on the net.
  • session saver
  • Add bookmark here - Now I get one of the nicest UI feature of Opera working in Firefox -- This feature let you navigate, using the bookmark drop down menu, to the place where you want to add the bookmark, and a "add bookmark here" selection is available right there. This is much more intuitive. Try it. You'll see what I mean.
  • The Web developer extension let you examine a HTML page, look at the forms, CSS, tables, and about one thousand other things. A must have if you are developing web application and need help (who doesn't) to debug your generated HTML forms and laouts.
  • Bookmark Synchronizer to share bookmark between installation. See my short documentation on how to set it up.
  • .

  • MeasureIt let you measure pixels on screen, useful (at least for me) in spacing and designing layout.
  • Tabbrowser preferences, updated to work with firefox 1.0.

Nowever, there is a known problem with interaction between Eudora and Firefox. If you have Firefox as the default browser, clicking a link in Eudora will open up two windows in Firefox. There is a known fix, which involve deleting some registry entries. Read about it here

BTW, this Gripes about Firefox page has lots of useful information.