People Doing their Job Well, Part II

I wrote a while back about two people doing their (two different) jobs exceptionally well. Today I had another one of these encounter: I needed to make a few copies of my new front door key. For some reason the key needed a key blank that is not easily available. The first place that tried to do it ended up with a new key copy that does not work. When I went back and told him, he was very appologetic and immeidately gave back my money. He suggested another place near by.

This place is a high end professional security and lock place. The guy behind the counter took the original and spent about 10 minutes looking for a suitable blank for it. He couldn't find one that works, and told me that they couldn't do it either. Just at that time, another employee there walked by, overhead the conversation, and snap the original from his hand. He studied it, and said, "hmm.. how about D24100X or WM3435" ? (or something like that). This person clearly knows about key blanks. He took the key, disappeared for another 5 minutes, and came back with a key cut. The first employee told me that this other person has been in the biz for 40 years, and truly is an expert in key blanks.

All this work, for a $5.25 transaction (for three keys). They have to first love their trade, and also know their stuff, to get this excited about finding the right key blanks for me.