Ikea Measurements and Kassett Box Labels

I have waited and waited, finally we have a local Ikea store !! It's here just in time for us to outfit the new loft with selected items from Ikea. When I was measuring the various space in the loft to fit cabinets etc from Ikea, I always find that the Ikea items have strange measurements. For example, why is the LACK shelf 13 3/4 inches wide? Because, we are the very last of the developed nation that still uses inches and feet. The rest of the world has gone metric long time ago, and all the Ikea global products are in metric. 13 3/4 is really 35 cm wide. So, when you buy any of the Kassett storage boxes, and you need more labels for them, they are 3 cm x 6 cm, not some strange measurements. To save you time, I have made a PDF of some Kassett box labels. for you to download here. Enjoy !

Finally, I found a blog that is focused on Ikea -- Positive Fanatics. Why would someone be fanatic about being stylishly organized? Turned out the blog owner is a fellow Moleskine fan, Armand Frasco, who runs < a href="www.moleskinerie.com" target="_blank"> www.moleskinerie.com. It all make sense now.