Trash Can (the kitchen kind)

How often do you buy a new indoor trash can? I don't think I have bought more than five or six in my life. When I move I tend to get a new one that fits the deco. After moving to the new loft and moving the old stainless steel one over for a few months, I've decided that this old cheap one is not up to the job. Reason? It slides on the floor, and when it opens, the top scrape against whatever the can's is touching, which is my nice new cabinets. Enter Simple Human. They were famous for those butterfly openning trash can that needs special trash bag. Not so good an idea. But they have kept up with their innovation. Enters the semi-round trash can:

This one really works well. I put it against the side of my kitchen cabinet. It stays there. The openning mechanism (flip up plastic top) swings up but does not move too much pass the back so that it does not scrape/push against the cabinet. The bottom is rubber and a little "sticky", so the can does not slip. With the flat back against the cabinet wall, it stays put very well. The large foot pedal also makes openning the top easier.

The only thing that I wish it has is a damper mechanism when the top closes. That would make it the perfect trash can.