IKEA Malm Chest of Drawers

Same old story -- not enough storage in the loft. I put together the IKEA Malm 6 chest of drawers this weekend. Took me two hours. This IKEA piece is a little different from the other pieces that I put together. Some notables are:

  • It does not use any hex/allen screw. So you could just use a philips and a flat blade screwdriver. Could have used a power screwdriver (but I did not).
  • For the drawers, it uses a nylon fastener for the back, and you need to hammer them in.
  • The one tricky part is the enter rails for the top two half sized drawers -- make sure you put them into the center vertical piece the right side up -- the curved part points downwards.Check the end of the rails at the back. Compare them with the ones already fastened to the sides and you can tell.
  • It comes with its own nylon floor glide/protectors. Nice touch.
  • I wanted to mount caster wheels on the unit, but I cannot because it does not really have any bottom pieces that I can screw four wheels into.