Transporter 2

I rented Transporter 2 because I liked Transporter 1. The first one has a great premise, and started one of my fav Chinese Actress Shu Qi. A guy, a girl, tricked out Audi. What more do you want? I really did not expect too much from Transporter 2, but minutes into the movie, the fight sequences lite up the screen. Turned out Corey Yuen is the martial arts choreographer. Besides all the big Hong Kong movies, he also action directed many hollywood action movies for Jet Li includnig Romeo must Die and others. The final big fight sequence in fact is as innovative as any current Hong Kong action movie. The movie does not take itself too seriously, and has lots of funny lines. Look past the impossible "walking thru machine gun fires without being hit" and "flipping a car in the air to hit a hook to dislodge a boom then land the right side up without a single scratch", and enjoy the movie! One thought, Transporter 1 saves the girl. Transporter 2 saves the kid. Transporter 3 coming? saving the...?