User Interface Bad Example #703

I recently signed up for a health club membership at one of my alumni university. The club and facilities? Seems first rate for the money. Their online registration service? Great example of bad web application design. Really bad: It offers online membership signup, and class registration. Sounds great. But look at this common usage scenario:

Registration for class for a new family member:

  1. Click on "add new member"
  2. Fill in information, several screen
  3. arrives at end of membership add, see link for register for classes
  4. click on register for classes, continue to select class
  5. make payment, registered !! BUT
  6. because membership is not immediately approved, the class registered as a non member, paying the wrong fee.

Or this very simple problem -- searching for a class to register:

  1. Click on "registration"
  2. A very long list of classes, sorted by class type, and begin date, shows up
  3. nice? No -- because classes that are already past is in the list, making it hard to find the right class and time. You have to look at each class' start and end date to see if the class has already past.

How to do that right? Either do not show classes that have ended, or at least offer a filter. Doesn't say too much for this college's computer science department huh? Luckily I did not get my comp sci from there!