new iPod Nano and Apple Marketing

I bought the new iPod Nano. It's good for travel. It's good for workout. It is half way between the shuffle and the full size iPod (classic or the other generations iPod's). I owned a first generation iPod, it was too big/heavy and lack storage. I sold it. I owned a first generation shuffle, used it for a few months, great for portability, but lack of a screen killed it for me.

The new Nano is perfect. It is a better Nano since it is actually smaller. You have to hold it, and use it, to understand the new form factor. All I need now is a case for it.

iPod Nano and Shure E500

Apple Marketing? I own other Apple products. I purchased everything else online. For the Nano, I headed to a physical store to look at the colors in person and bought it there, Friday evening. I got home, and an email arrived in my email inbox, with my recent, from the store. Then I received a welcome to the iPod family email the next day. The fact that Apple managed to link the in-store purchased back to my Apple account electronically is, amazingly well done.