IKEA Tool Box Hack

I need a toolbox to store my supplies and tools for building electronic circuitries. Something that looks good in a normal office setting. Why not another IKEA hack? I always wanted to try one of the FIRA mini chests. They are functional, but too plain looking. Since this tool box is for electronics, metal handles make sense to me. A quick search at IKEA found the cheapest handles, Kosing, 6 pieces for $1.99. Not bad. I have already figured out that I need to mount the handles alone the center line of the small drawers. Otherwise the back of the draw will hit the screw and stop the drawer from being pulled forward. One other thing that I did not anticipate is that the handle screws are too long. I had to add four #8 washers to the screw to make it fit. I put three at the bottom, one at the top.

Other than these two little things, it's pretty easy to do. To recap:

  1. before assembling the chest, measure the locations for the handles at the top plate. Make sure it lines up with the center line for the left (and right) mini chest.
  2. Drill hopes for the handle screws. Make sure they are right. I actually was off by 1/16 of an inch on one side. Luckily I can redo it by switching the top plate to the bottom.
  3. Assemble the chest, screw in the handles before installing the horizontal dividers.
  4. Done!

Some pictures to help explain:

D70_23371 D70_23368