iPhone 3G Day 5

Day 5 using the new iPhone. I love it. I thought about it before using the verb "love". It is fun to use. it works. It's sexy. I find myself using it instead of the laptop (which is already on) to check emails, for example. It works and feel better than the Treo. Typing is a bit better now. Downloaded a bunch of free apps. Even used the map to locate a restaurant's phone number on the road, exactly like the Apple Ad. Bought Bejeweled 2, which I had (free) on the Treo. The camera works and it's a little better in resolution than the Treo. Duh: As everyone has said, the AppStore is the killer app. They took a page from Amazon's Kindle, there is nothing like two or three clicks and 20 seconds installation of an app.

Problems: The phone seems to get slowed down every so often. Seems like it happens when it is doing networking. Safari sometimes just stops. A few times doing something in an app will bounce me back to the home page(s). It is a little annoying at this point. I am still trying figure out which application has landscape mode.

Interesting observation: Very young kids have not problem using it at all. The touch interface is intuitive to them. Computer savvy non Apple people seems to have the most problem using it.

Next? debating to try out one of the paid driving games, and one of the paid shopping list app. On the treo there is a great free shopping list app that I use.

Waiting: WordPress app, and a better RSS Reader.