3 year old is programming Scratch sprite

It happened. Once they discovered the drawing tool for sprite, they are all over drawing. "The Art Thing" the three year old calls it. She doodle some lines, and then want to make it move. I showed her once or twice that she needs the "flag" orange block and the "loop block" first, then stuff it with some motion blocks. The only thing that she has to remember to add is the "bounce if edge" block. After only a few tries she can assemble a basic "repeat forever, move, turn, move" type of scripts herself for all her sprites. One interesting thing is that she wants to keep adding sprites, so now her program has some fifteen sprites on it, all dancing around the stage. I asked her to draw more complicated sprites and use less of them, but she won't have it. She like to keep creating new ones, and the messy screen is appealing to her. For some reason, the four year old is less interested in the whole thing.

I have a video of her "programming" that I'll have to upload soon.