Consultant's Nightmare

True story, metaphorically speaking: Client: Our customers expect us to meet them in San Francisco to run a in person workshop with all of us in a week.

Me: Great. I looked and found a great cheap flight for all of us. Let's work on what gear to bring and get there one day before to setup.

Their Developer: Wait, I have never been on an airplane.

Me: Really? It will be fun to fly for the first time. I can pick you up at your house and show you around the airport.

Developer: No. I do not want to fly.

Me: Ok. I'll rent a big SUV and let's do a road trip. We can work on the presentation on the way.

Developer: No. I am riding my bicycle.

Me: Bicycling from Boston to San Francisco in one week? I don't think we are that fit.

Developer: I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid. But I see people riding bicycles all the time to work.

Me: Yes. Commuting to work is great, exercise and good for the environment.

Developer: See? Let's go buy some bikes.

Me: Do you really want to tell your customers that you will be there in one week by riding your bike from Boston to San Francisco?

Developer: ...silience...

Me: Ok. I'll rent a SUV. I'll make sure it as a GPS. Let's pack up and leave first thing tomorrow.

Developer: No. We need to buy maps.

Me: GPS is easier.

Developer: I have never seen a GPS. Can you explain how they work?

Me: Sure. There are satellites in the sky, and the GPS receiver takes multiple signals.... Wait. We don't have time for this. You can google it and read about it on the way.

Developer: I don't trust GPS if I don't know how it works.

Me: GPS has been around for a long time. I'll let you play with it once we get started.

Developer: I want to get a GPS for my bicycle first to try. Maybe we can just mail them a picture of us on our bicycles instead?