Teachers, Facebook, and Perfection

If you Google around enough, you would know that I went to English boarding school, a very long time ago. Amazingly, old classmates from boarding school that I have not been in touch for a very long time started finding me on Facebook. Which leads to this story that was told back to me: Apparently I once asked my Math teacher why he gave me a 99% when I had all the answers correct. The teacher responded that he gave me 99 because no one was perfect. My classmate remembered that story as a way the teacher wanting to instill aspiration.

While I have zero recollection of that incident, I have the greatest admiration of the teacher, Mr. Clancy. He was my math and physics teacher, as well as the head of the prefects. He taught me how to learn. He gave me access to college level instruments and experiments in Physics. He taught values and disciplines. He was tough and always fair. He gave equal time to the smartest and the slowest kid in class. He had tremendous integrity. I often tell people that I owe a lot of my achievements to him. I am sure many other students of his think the same.

was first stirred because you were asking a question to the maths teacher. Unusual because you knew everything. He said you had nothing wrong, you only got 99% because no one was perfect. I liked the idea... perhaps the idea was to always aspire ... Are you still aspiring! And so it does appear, since you have forgotten.. It looks to be more inspiring to me rather than you.