Staples website need better integration

I shop at Staples a lot. Nothing easier than ordering online and have heavy things delivered right to my office, often free. Having spent enough money there, I've signed up, in store, for a Staples Reward card. Then I realized, that the website, and the Staples Reward Center are not integrated. You sign up for an account separately. In fact, they use different conventions for user identification. uses a username, while the reward center uses your email address. Consider this scenerio:

  • I already have a account, since I order online all the time.
  • Now I go to the Staples Rewards website to register my rewards card, only to create another account (since it is a separate site).
  • I have to go back to, to enter my Staples Rewards account number, manually, into my account profile. Otherwise my online purchases will not be counted.

Crazy? I think so. Staples, if you need someone to redo your system, give us a call.