Jacob Kaplan-Moss on DevOps

Jacob gave a talk at the Boston Django Meetup this month on the topic of DevOps -- The role of the developer and the role of sysadmin are merging, and it is a good thing. This idea certainly resonate with me. I started my career as a DevOps by necessity -- I worked with a new and proprietary mini-computer, the Stratus. The OS was designed to be a developer's OS. All the operation support tools are designed for used by developers. It was a great OS to work with. When I moved to the *nix world, I met Ben, still one of the best sysadmin I know, who actually introduced me to Python. The world has come full cycle now. With utility computing and browser based clients, small team with small budgets launch large scale, fast growing web applications, developers need to be their own sysadmin as well. This is the video of Jacob's talk. I was a little bit late and missed a few minutes at the beginning.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss on DevOps at Boston Django Meetup 2010 from PK Shiu on Vimeo.