iPad day two: protect and serve

Yesterday I realized that I do not have a way to carry the iPad home! I ended up finding a part of my backpack that is padded enough for me to carefully put the iPad in. So today's main task is to find something to protect the iPad. In the meantime, I "made" my own iPad case: (yes it is just a towel). I don't like covering up the iPad with too much "stuff" I believe apple design their devices beautifully and they are meant to be touched and held as is. However this is a touch based device, and I know it is going to be hard to protect the screen. So I broken down and bought a protective skin from Best Skin Ever. Their prices are much lower than ZAGG's. I think that's because theirs do not come with a spray bottle, and "tools" for application. You will have to get your own water sprayer and a credit card to apply the skin. I am going to use a used iTunes gift card as the squeegee tool.

That will protect the iPad while it is in use, but how do I carry it in my bag? I went to the Apple store thinking they will have third party cases, but they do not. They claimed that they are not available yet. But I think they just want to push their smart cover. I went to Best Buy and they have several cases available. I ended up buying the "way over priced" incase convertible magazine cover. I like it because

  1. it is thin and light
  2. it has the thick rubber band holding the cover close, reminding me of the Moleskines notebooks.

I would prefer a leather case but the few they have are really cheap feeling.