Group Class Project and a Portal Weighted Companion Cube

It has been many years since I have to do a group project in school. It was always painful doing group projects in the MBA days. Working students schedule differs from full time students. Expectation is different. For this Games for Education class, there are four group projects. Yes -- FOUR! For the first project, we are to design a curriculum around the game Portal 2. Our project ended up pretty good. And I was pleasantly surprised how well the group project dynamics worked out. The working notes and final paper were written collaboratively using Google docs. Wished we had Google docs back in the MBA days?


I do not know what is the expectation of the professor in terms of the projects. Looking at our own project, and the other three projects in the class, I think everyone could have done a little more. All the concepts are good but the presentation, and in our case our paper, could be better. I wonder if this is because this particular course can be part of a student's HASS requirement -- Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. So in most case it is not a major for a student? Personally I wish I had something like this when I was at Imperial. It would have given me a great introduction to the real world. But in this case the students maybe viewing this as a lighter class? Or that because it is much less of an engineering class, and everyone else is more used to engineering class work.

Portal Cube

Because our project is on the game Portal 2, I have decided to locate a 3D printed portal cube for use in the presentation. We use the cube as a focus device -- whomever has the cube can talk during audience participation. It was a big hit. How I got the cube made? I found a local person on Etsy that print and sell them. He was nice enough to rush me a cube, and I met him literally on the street to pick up the cube before class. If you need anything printed, check him out!