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Reserve your smart car !

We must be getting close. MB now lets you "reserve" a smart car for $99. Go to the and sign up. According to the site:

Would you like reserve your very own new 2008 smart fortwo? Our exciting $99 Reservation Program is now open to all smart enthusiasts. Be sure to share the news about this exciting program with your family and friends. Please note, this program is specifically designed for smart enthusiasts, so brokers and dealers are excluded from participating in the $99 Reservation Program.

United Auto Group will be the sole U.S. distributor of Smart Cars

United Auto Group (UAG) will become Daimler Chrysler's sole U.S. distributor of Smart Cars. UAG is the number 2 U.S. public dealer group in terms of sales, with a collection of about 180 U.S. retail franchises. UAG also have dealerships in Europe. UAG will purchase cars built by DaimlerChrysler in German plants at a fixed margin and then sell the vehicles to various dealers and dealer groups. UAG plans to start with 30 to 50 Smart car dealerships, and eventually expand to more than 100. They will sell Smart cars both in existing Mercedes Benz dealer ships, and construct new stores just for the Smart cars.

On a related note, DaimlerChrysler has selected BBDO to handle the Smart Car brand in the U.S.

MB dealers don't want to sell Smart Cars

Mercedes dealer council chairman says MB dealers in the States do not want to sell Smart Cars in their Mercedes show room. It may hurt their image. Does this mean that MB buyers are not "smart"? Which brings up the old but true joke: What do you say Mercedes in German?..................................... Taxi. Yes, MB are well built cars, the top end models are very exclusive, but they also sell basic models that are good for basic transportation, including used as Taxis in Germany. So what exact image does the MB dealers want to project?

source: leftlanenews.

ZAP brings Smart Car to the US before DaimlerChrysler does

While Daimler Chrysler is expected to formally bring the Smart car to the US in 2007, ZAP (NYSE Arca:ZP) is doing it now. ZAP, stands for Zero Auto Pollution, in Santa Rosa CA, imported Smart cars for sale in the US in 2005 and continue to do so. ZAP has to modify the cars to meet US standards, and meeting the California emissions standards is even tougher. They are only selling a very small number of them in the US right now. The first car was delivered to a school teacher from Wellington, Florida.