wiki for work

My first encounter with wiki was at the Zope site. I did not like it. It was confusing, the quality of the content was not always good. Then a few weeks before, my super sysadmin showed me that he was using a Python wiki clone for his own documentation. Because it is web based, it is always there and it makes writing documentation simple. I played with it for a little bit, and decided to roll it out for the entire company to see if it will help us document our knowledge. Some background -- we currently have two internal web sites. One was maintained mostly by our internal web master. Mostly because we don't have a full time web master anymore. The content has slowly gone out of date. The other site is a simple user directoried web site on a Apache server. Each person has their own directories. There are reasonable content on these sites. The problem is that you have to either edit HTML directly on Linux, or use a PC tool and manage with FTP.