Laptop and Travel Tech

I spent the day switching from my Toshiba 7140 portege to a 9used) ThinkPad T22. This was a tough decision. I lived with the portege, well actually two of them, for three years. A slower 7100 was replaced by a 7140 about 6 months ago. These machines are the best for road warrior. Only ultra portable that has a 13 inch screen. That extra inch is very important if you use your machine all the time on the road. I am so used to the porteges. Their keyboard layout. The lightness. The eraser head mouse pointer.

So why did I switch brand? First of all, all the ThinkPad parts are interchangable. For normal use I selected the T22 line as our desktop replacement machines for my company. So we have much more parts for the ThinkPads then the portege. The T22 is just faster. It sports a Pentium III 900 and 256 Meg of memory. It has a DVD drive. It has a 14 inch screen. I got Linux on it to work. There are the reason I switched.

Audi TT convertible vs the Boxster S. There are about 20K difference in their price. The TT looks too perfect. It yell -- CAD. The Boxster is less perfect. But it scream passion and design by a person. If I could affort it, I would pick the Boxster.