wushu basic training section 1 to 4

11 steps. 1-6 front kick toe, 1-7 front kick instep, at 7 point step.8 - wheel turn and slap floor. 9 - hook behind heads forward, 10 - wipe, punch down to corner, bend knees, spine straight bent over. 11 - bow step weight on rt, rt palm push up and left palm push left, look left.

section two: 11 steps. 1-6 side kicks: 1 - rt palm hand point to ceiling, wt on left ft, left ft behind right, side kick rt leg, left palm to ceiling, right elbow strike forward, keeps palm down at chest level. 2 - right hand point to ceiling, turn body 180, weight on rt leg, left hand point down, 3-6 same 7 same, stop after kick 8 - 10 body turn: 8 step left leg behind right, twist step, weight on right, swing both arms to right side, palms down, left hand elbow to left, right hand straight pointing right. turn body over, left, over, right, end in twist step weight on left, right leg back, hands pointing left. 9,10 same, 11 same, at end twist and punch diag up and back with right fist, catch right wrist with left hand, finish.

section 3: 1. both arms stretch out to sides. small left step, right foot sweep out kick right hand 2. small right step. Left foot sweep left. 3. right out kick. 4. left out kick. 5. Right foot inside sweep, kick left hand. 6. left foot kick right hand. 7. right foot kick left. 8. left foot kick right. 9. turn spin left, right foot kick left hand. end facing left front. would have turned 360 + 90 degress. Spin as follows: right foot down, turn body left, lift left knee. hop up/spin using right foot on ground. Before landing on left leg, right foot kick left hand. 10. draw fists and punch right, horse stance, look right (where you were heading). 11. swing right straighten arm left, look left. drop to twist step, step back with left leg behind right, punch left. (note: all punch must start from waist). body faces front still. 12. untwist and turn body 180 facing back, into horse stance, punch right, where you came from.

section 4: 1. turn body 90 degrees right, into bow stand right foot forward, punch left arm forward. (punching hand opposite forward leg). 2. step up into left bow stand, punch right arm. 3. lift right knee, right heel kick forward, punch with left. 4. stomp right foot down. lift left, heel kick left, punch with right. 5. right heel kick, punch left. 6. left heel kick, punch right, and hold 10 seconds, right hand hold left foot if possible. 7. Spin right/hop left kick right hand, end up 360 + 90 degrees facing back. Draw fists and punch left, horse stance, look left (where you were heading). 8. swing left straighten arm right, look right. drop to twist step, step back with right leg behind left, punch right. 9. untwist and turn body 180 facing front, into horse stance, punch left (where you came from). 10. Step right leg cross forward, turn left, push with right hand towards where you came from, hook left leg behind right knee. 11. Step with left towards left, follow with right, left, step over with right foot, jump from right leg, while left knee up, kick instep with right leg while in the air, land on right point step. Cross hands, unwind into left slide step, right hand push up with palm, left hand hook and swing back behing back, lean left look left.

Note: the end of section 3 and 4 are mirrored of each other, since you were heading in opposite direction on the spin. i.e. punch with left mirrored to punch with right. But the relative direction remains the same, i.e. punch to where you are going first, then where you came from, twice.