-- or how not to do a website

I have direcTV. They have a web site with registration feature. I try to sign up. It has such a simple and obvious bug that, well, is unbelievable -- During registration, you enter the usual account number, pick a user name and password, and enter some addition account related data to get validated. I entered one of the other data field wrong. It came back with an error message and let me correct that field -- pretty good. I re-entered the field correctly. However I noticed that the password field is now blanked. I press "submit", the form was accepted, and my registration/online account is setup. Except they have either a null or junk saved as my selected password. Since the "change password", nor the "login" screen accepts a null/blank password, I cannot fix it. To verify it, I try the "send me my password" feature, but it failed with an error. (I bet it try to select the current password from the database but it is null).

Bottom line? Being in the business, how can a retail commercial site like direcTV allow such bug to exists? Think of the business cost. I have to call their customer service, talk to two different reps, before they can reset my password. That's about 5 minutes of their customer service phone time.