Meeting the Developer and Future Neighbors

I went to the building site right on time. I am the first one there. The seller's Agent recognized me and introduced me to the developer. We walked around the building and my unit, and he gave me a good sales pitch as to how things are going to be fine now... The seller's agent actually bought one of the unit. I think they are making that the demo unit because in a week according to them, the new construction company built out his custom internal. It looked good. I also realized why he had that unit. That part of the building has 20 foot ceiling. It is a lower floor, but the height is great. Of course, there is less external light and view, but the height...

One surprising thing that the developer said is that they are willing to do custom build out, within reason, if I can get the plans to him within the next few weeks. That seems unusual, but of course I will now push for it. I think what he is thinking is moving a wall or two and stringing more cat-5 cables only. We will see.

The building site looks good. It is clean and organized. At least on one side all the windows are in. The heating and cooling systems are in. The elevators will be working in two weeks. While some of this maybe for show, it seems like there are real progress.

I met five or six other owners. They all bought way at the start of the project and have been waiting for the completion. They seems happy, partly because the paid a little less at the beginning perhaps and are happy that the unit appreciated. Also the mortgage rates are lower now if they need to get mortgage.

One of the unit that I saw was again on the lower floor with the double height. They put two units together. This will be a 3000 sq ft unit with 20 ft height. Good to know that there are more expensive units in the building, beside the penthouse units.

I was a little surprise that no one is doing it, but I was planning to do it anyway -- I collected email addresses from all the owners I can find at the site and will start a mailing list for the building. Hopefully we will get better leverage in negotiating with the developer with more information shared. The guy does seem to be quite reasonable today.